Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guide For Hair Removal

There are some misconceptions that should be cleared up about laser Hair removal. First of all there are many great doctors who are practicing laser hair removal. If you happen to live in a large city you have an excellent chance of finding a great doctor in your area. Places such as: New York, Atlanta, Long Island, Chicago, and Los Angeles have grown to have reputations for having excellent laser hair removal practitioners.

Almost everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal. It is true that those who have light colored skin and dark colored hair are the most successful candidates. For this reason if you planning to have the procedure you should not tan just prior to it. Any area of the body can be treated for hair removal.

Laser hair removal cost varies all over the country, it can run any where from $100.00 to $500.00 based where you are located and what procedures are to be performed. This may sound high, but you will see a savings in the long run. Generally your doctor will not want to treat an area less than two after the prior treatment. This is to allow time for the new follicles to expose themselves.

Laser hair removal is a permanent process, but there is some confusion as to why more than one treatment is needed. Your skin functions like any other part of your body. As you kill the follicles there are other dormant follicles that will try to make up for the loss. Because of this you may need a few treatments over time to completely eradicate the unwanted hair. Also the laser only kills the follicles that in the process of growing hair, this also contributes to the need for additional treatments

The pain involved in laser hair removal is very minimal. You may experience a tingling sensation. Patients very rarely need any pain medication other than perhaps some ibuprofen.

When the procedure is performed you will be shaven to remove excess hair. Then the doctor will use a pulsing laser to kill the follicles. You will then receive a moisturizer treatment. Laser treatments can take anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours depending on the area and size.